DGUV V3 Inspection: ServiceZoid's Latest Integration

The DGUV V3 Inspection plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety at the workplace. ServiceZoid has now incorporated the DGUV V3 Inspection into its repertoire of dynamic forms, significantly simplifying the documentation and management of this critical process.

What is the DGUV V3 Inspection?

It involves a regular check of all electrical devices. This inspection ensures that these devices are safe and operational, safeguarding both the employees and the company.

Why ServiceZoid’s Integration is So Significant

With this feature, users can easily document all aspects of the DGUV V3 Inspection, from capturing relevant data to integrating photos for visual representation of defects or peculiarities.

Need a specific form for the DGUV V3 Inspection or other projects?

Send us a request, and we’ll be happy to assist you!