Release 1.1.0 - ServiceZoid

Version 1.1.0 is now live. Images can now be added to the reports.

The images are automatically scaled down to HD so that fewer resources are required for uploading and storage. The images then also appear in the report. The report PDF is now also uploaded automatically. This means that finally the report is now displayed in the web version.

There is 1 GB of online storage per user subscription. Free user accounts can also initially add pictures to the reports for test purposes.

The storage be cleaned up automatically as the old images are deleted as soon as a report is archived, 7 days after completion.


die nächsten Funktionen

  • Implement payment on the web
  • Task planning with images and document upload
  • Time recording based on the reports
  • Integration of the CI in the app
  • Improvement of the process flow
  • Responsiveness of the web version