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The business processes in the craft are all quite similar. You drive out to the customer, do your work there.

Now what has been done must be documented. Some call it a report others call it the director’s report, work slip or technician report. The content is always the same. Who did what, when and where and with what use of materials.

Then the report is handed in to the office. In the office it is usually checked whether what is in the report form makes sense to then continue it in an invoice.

Errors can creep in during this business process. Every mistake costs money or time. For example if Material was forgotten to be documented on the report or the entire report has disappeared. Then some points are forgotten when adding the note.

The objective in business processes should therefore be to reduce the number of errors and to increase clarity create.

With ServiceZoid we cannot yet completely avoid all potential sources of error, but we are working on them Reduce bit by bit. With the digital report slip and our automatic synchronization across all Devices, the reports are no longer lost. In addition, thanks to synchronization, the principle of multiple eyes can be applied and thereby further reduce the number of errors.

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