Idea to craftsman report app

How we came up with the idea of ServiceZoid.

It was a few days before Christmas and during a private conversation with a heating / plumbing master. He said that he would like an app for the report notes because the employees only have one “hobby” and that is annoying the boss. Most of the time with no bad intentions. They do this by handing the job report papers too late, leaving them incomplete or simply writing them illegibly. Then if you are unlucky you will be lost too.

That is why he would like an app with which his employees can simply and fill out the report forms. This is supposed to happen easily and on the side while you are getting the materials from the warehouse.

The finished report form is then automatically sent to the office as soon as it has been signed by the customer.

For example, gas is used for welding, and you have consumed a few kilos from the gas bottle, but since you take the bottle back with you, you will forget to write it down. The welding gas used also belongs on the report slip.

A well-completed report slip is a win-win game

  • It saves time looking for the report slips and saves space in your office.
  • The report forms are readable and easy to follow.
  • Thanks to the multiple eyes principle (synchronization), in the future your report slips will be more complete.