Release 1.0.21 - ServiceZoid

We are back from the summer break and have brought a new version of ServiceZoid (Version: 1.0.21) with us.

The most important improvement is that you can finally adjust your subscription under iOS. We also have the subscriptions cleaned up. From now on, subscriptions will be upgraded or downgraded instead of taking out an additional subscription.

In addition, minor bugs have been removed and some preparations have been made for the next features.


  • Implement payment on the web
  • Add images to the reports
  • Automatic upload of the PDF without having to send it by email
  • Task planning with images and document upload
  • Time recording based on the reports
  • Integration of the CI in the app
  • Improvement of the process flow
  • Responsiveness of the web version


We are adjusting the focus of the app from currently report-focused to employee-focused. Therefore be the monthly reporting limits will no longer apply in the next releases.