New version - ServiceZoid

ServiceZoid is available for download in the new version 1.0.18.


Users and operating times

The qualification level can now be specified for the users. For example for craftsmen with different expertise levels or trainees. Now, in the operating times dialog from the report form, the number of qualification levels of the employees is no longer asked, instead, the employees can be specified there directly. As before, the qualification levels are displayed in the PDF report. This conversion also serves to prepare for further future functions such as deployment planning.

Local database

We are using a new local database for caching the data. The search was already quick beforehand, but now the connection to the server is saved, which means that the result is achieved even more quickly and the offline functionality is increased. So far we have only used the caching database for the customer data sets and for the material data sets.

Source code conversion to null safety

We have updated the source code and completely integrated null safety. To put it simply, this eliminates the most common programming error (null pointer exception) that can be found in most programs. In addition, there is less to be checked in the binary code, which is why this leads to increased performance.